Thursday, June 28, 2007

Catch up

Okay, first thing first:

Trip out East. Here's Paigie driving...oooooo! Next time we drive out there I will take a photo of the signs pointing out where the wineries are. Take note, when driving east most, if not all the wineries seem to be on the LEFT hand side of the road. If you've ever driven out to eastern Long Island, you will understand how difficult making a left hand turn on a two lane road on a summer weekend day is oh so joyful an experience. Then getting out of the driveway to continue the trip east is another fun thing to do. There are usually two signs pointing out where the wineries are. They are one on top of the other. The top has an arrow pointing upwards, indicating there is a winery up ahead somewhere. The one below that usually has an arrow pointing towards the left (to the opposite side of the road) letting you know the winery in question is RIGHT THERE!!! And when I say RIGHT THERE, I mean, RIGHT THERE!! I can't tell you how many tire marks I saw on the road where people had to stop short and make a sharp left into the driveway of whichever winery they were trying to get into. Alas, we did not stop at any....this time.
Paige & Joycie in Greenport. One day I will get them to turn around. I mean, the backs of their heads are really nice, but they are really quite beautiful from the front.
And here is our happy little camper. This is in Port Jefferson. I can't remember if this was before or after she met the love of her life, Matt, the waiter. Yes, we went to eat at a nice little Greek restaurant and ordered a Pizza for the little Miss, Joyce & I had Burritos and Paige...what did you have? I can't remember. I don't think it was Greek though.
It was pointed out to me that I have many more pictures of Marin than of Peter, so, here is our boy Peter and his Moocat - Samus. (I was also told that I misspelled her name, so here is the correction.) Isn't he handsome (Peter, not the moocat)? I can't believe how tall Pete is now. He's such a great kid.

And here is Peter with the great escaping hamster, Hamtaro (I know, I know, I probably spelled his name wrong). This animal escaped his cage not once, but twice. The first time they found him in the bathroom, the second time in the living room. With 4 cats and 2 dogs it's a miracle he was found.

May I ask what point do you drop the camera, stop laughing your ass off and save the child whose hair is covering her eyes so completely she can't see, from drowning? Sadly, we were laughing so hard we actually didn't get a photo of said near drowning. Thank goodness for the nice man who stopped and helped her. Paige and I were of no use.
The sky looked like this today (and yesterday): So I am finally working on the other pair of socks for my nephew.

Okay, I really think that's about it for now. OH, I want to say to my Titi Aida and cousin Rosie. I just found out that Rosie uses this blog as a way to see what I'm up to (you can see her and my mom in a photo I posted about two weeks ago for TGI Friday). And I am thrilled to death that my Titi Aida has checked out my blog. I LOVE YOU BOTH!! XOXOXOXOX


Paige said...

Very funny my dear - the spelling was correct - I love reading the blog - Peter approved as well

Anonymous said...

Hi Cousin! Just checkin' your blog to see what's new in your life. The winery vists sound like a blast. Rosie