Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Trip into 'The City'

Please forgive me for I have not blogged in...forever it seems.
Well, let's see, what has happened since I last posted?
1) My co-worker but more importantly my friend 'lost' her fiancee suddenly last week. That's a really stupid word for it. He's not 'lost' but I can't bear to say anything other than that.
2) I took and failed (most spectacularly I might add) my NY State Exam. But in light of #1, failing a test is such a petty small thing.
3) Realized Christmas is just days away and I haven't finished a thing.
4) Re-scheduled my State Exam for this Friday (and expect to fail yet again).
5) Realized Christmas is just days away and I still haven't finished a thing.
6) Went into "The City" with my baby bro & his fiancee.

This is what Bryant Park looked like Sunday. We were supposed to get rain and sleet, but the weather held out. There were tons of vendors and we had a really nice time.

For some reason I don't have any pictures of us at Rockerfeller Center. The tree was beautiful, and it was crowded as hell. I didn't mind though because that's part of the fun of Manhattan. Well, I think so anyway. And, you can't do "The City" without popping into St. Patrick's. I think it's such a beautiful, peaceful place. I love the way churches smell.
We lit some candles.
On the way to the train they stopped at E-V-E-R-Y
jewelry window display to look at the diamond rings. Truth be told, it was more him than her!
Speaking of engagement rings, if anyone is interested, should the occasion ever arise in this lifetime, I'd like my engagement ring to be my birthstone (aquamarine).
I love the older buildings in Manhattan and particularly love the water towers on some of those buildings. Sometimes I wonder what it would've been like to live here back when everything was just being built.

I like the way the light is reflecting off that building. How annoying must that be for the person who lives there?

Now here's a sight that is becoming more and more rare. I read somewhere that pretty soon there may not be any more pay phones around.

At this point, my brother demanded that I put my camera away. He said he didn't want to have to defend me if someone tried to steal it. Honestly, I don't know what he was talking about. I don't think he had anything to worry about....but I did it any way.

So that's really it in a nutshell. Things have been hectic at work, we have been grappling with a death, I'm trying to study and prepare for the holiday's. Nothing new, really. I can't believe that another year is almost done. This time last year I was very nearly having a nervous breakdown. I'm feeling much better this year.

OHH - I mustn't forget, I picked up Harry Potter yesterday. NO, I did not pre-order it or pick it up at midnight. I went to Best Buy like a normal person and picked up the widescreen, double DVD version. *Tsk* I'm not that crazy. AND I've been busy so I've only watched it part way twice so far.


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OfTroy said...

your brother was right.. its a little known law, but you can't (legally) take pictures in the subway without a permit!

it's generally not enforced (but is occationally) but you can't complain about a camera being stolen in the subway (if you had it out taking photos!)

(helen, the NYC native who knows all sorts of weird things about NY!)