Monday, April 7, 2008

What I've been up to...

1) Starting a yoga class.
2) Celebrating 3 birthday's in the month of March.
3) Catching a cold.
4) Planning a baby shower which entailed:
a) Purchasing enough ribbons and socks for 40 pins:
b) purchasing 40 onsies so people can,
c) make a special gift for the new baby.
I don't know if the mom to be reads my blog. I don't think so but even if she does and she sees this stuff it's okay. The date of the event will remain shrouded in mystery until afterwards. She's going nuts trying to figure it out. It's really pretty amusing!


PJ said...

Whaaaaa....I want to make cute Onesies!!! They are so cute Angie.

donnac368 said...

YOGA? My Favorite - next to knitting...