Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I feel so violated!

Well, today I went back to work after a nice weekend and in between work, I snuck onto the internet to check the balance in my checking account. Good thing I did. Someone 1) donated $5 to the American Cancer Society and 2) purchased $194.60 worth of celebrity poster(s) against my account. Which has left me with a negative balance in my account. The poster purchase was just done this morning at about 6am. The people at Chase were pretty much useless. In order to dispute the charge I had to wait till the sale went through (and the item shipped very nicely to whomever ordered it) and then dispute the charge. I had to go online myself and find out how to contact the company who accepted the payment. When I contacted them, they listened to what I had to say, asked me a couple of simple questions, put me on hold for about 1 minute then came back and said they canceled the sale. I had to go out on my lunch hour to cancel my debit card and get a new number. When I called the Cancer Society they said the donation was made online and I had to wait till the charge went through to dispute it. I have to call them in the morning. Now, I noticed the donation on Friday but when I called, everyone had gone for the day. So, did is this one in the same person? Or is it two different people? Is it the banks fault, or did someone get my card number somehow and use the donation as a test, then pulled out all the stops for the poster(s)? I'd also like to know what kind of poster(s) this person ordered! I mean, $194.60 for a celebrity poster?! I hope it was someone worthwhile. I don't know what to do from here on in. I guess I'll have to pursue it further. Hopefully I'll get my new card soon. The temporary card they gave me only accesses one of my accounts.

The other fun thing I did was go to the doctor about this g-d cough I've had since Saturday. He prescribed Allegra D and I am impatiently waiting for it to kick in. I can't believe all this pollen that's floating around. It just doesn't pay to wash your car.

Okay, now for something pleasant.

Please meet His Royal Highness. Mr. Tank Davis. Doesn't he look most regal sitting there, watching over his territory?

This here is Tanky's brother, the amazing and brainless Little Jim. I'm serious, if you look into one ear, you can see clear through the other side. He's a great kitty though. Doesn't like being petted, but does like being poked at. I don't understand it.

My friend raises the best animals. She's got a dorky lab/rottie mutt that thinks he's a lap dog. Sorry, no photo, Pepper doesn't really sit still long enough for you to take a picture of him. If you make any eye contact at all with him, he takes that as an invitation to try to kiss you, sit on your lap, and bring you his slimy toys to you to play with.

Then there's the 'weasel' dog or as I am fond of calling him, the puppycat (aka Bandit). He's a Min Pin who is gender and species confused. He will happily hump Pepper, any of the male cats; Tank, Little Jim, Cookie or Sammis, who while is female, is yet, another cat.

All of these animals are much loved and well taken care of and have the greatest lives. I couldn't imagine walking into that house with any of these characters not in it.

Well that's it for now. I'll try and post some knitting shots another time.


Paige said...

that was soo cool, put a tear to my eye it did

Dave Daniels said...

Wow, and I thought I was the only one with those problems. I had one "test" charge for around $7, then 4 charges for $1000, and one for $500! (It was on a credit card, not a debit card.) But what a mess to figure out.