Sunday, June 3, 2007

Weekend Update

Look at the pretty gift my brother and his girlfriend brought me back from Florida. They were walking down the street and there was a man painting pictures onto these little mirrors. They told me they watched him paint this and thought I would like it and they were right!!

I'm having a little problem w/my computer at the moment. For some reason I can't access my e-mail so if you e-mailed me and are wondering why I haven't answered, that is why. I'm going to turn my computer off and let it sit for a bit and see if that doesn't help.

I went to Jones Beach for a while yesterday. I like to get up early, spend a few hours there and come home. I was there at 8:30am and was home by about 1pm. It started out cold and crappy and ended up a beautiful day. I meant to go meet some friends at All About Ewe in Locust Valley, but got sidetracked and couldn't make it (sorry Delia & Denise!!). I ended the day at my friends house chomping down on some yummy steak. I would have had a drink, but I had the beginnings of a migrane. I opted for 3 Ibuprofen and a grande Starbuck's House Blend.

Here are the goofball children enjoying the sub-zero temperatures in the newly opened pool.

Yeah, summer's here!

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