Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Beyond excited!!

I joined my first knit along. I'm only up to row 33 of clue #1. I haven't even looked at clue #2 yet. I'm not using lace weight yarn or the beads. I was thinking of frogging what I had done and start again with beads but decided against it for now. This is mystery yarn I got as a birthday gift. It is knitting up beautifully. I'm really enjoying it. Good news on the sock front - I've got 3 completed socks and the last one is on the needles. I'm close to working the heel flap. I've got to have it done by the 21st so my parents can take it NC and give them to my boys. God I miss them! I am looking forward to seeing their little faces in August when we go to Sanibel.

In conclusion.....
Need I say more?
(I just found out it's playing at the Imax theatre at the Cradle of Aviation Museum nearby...had I known earlier...)

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PJ said...

Ohhh... your MS3 is gorgeous!!!
I can't wait to see it in person.