Thursday, October 4, 2007

Grab Bag 'o Stuff

Woohoo!! Look at what I came home to today:

How cool is that?! I've already used it. I couldn't wait till Rhinebeck.

In other news, September 7, marked the 44th anniversary of my parents wedding.

(Isn't this a great picture? It's one of my favorites)

They met when he was around 15 and she was 12. He followed her home from the movies to be sure she got home safely because she'd gotten separated from her friends. When my Grandmother saw him, she pretty much sent him on his way because he was a 'man' and too old for mom. A few years later they started dating seriously, got married and three years later, I appeared.

They've been through a lot, but they are still going strong.

For all of you who wonder what my total work space looks like & not just my drawer, here you go. And for you knitters out there 1) Yes, that is a hand knit sweater on the back of my chair 2) I can't take the credit for it. A wonderful woman who used to work with me made it. She made it for her son who then never wore it so she gave it to me. I think he made her make some of these things to keep her busy. She was an older woman who'd lost her husband suddenly and I think this was her son's way of helping her to get through some hard times.

Actually, it may look bad, but it isn't really that bad. Usually, there are so many files you can't see the wall.

Isn't this a beautiful view...of the back of the gas station men's room? This is where I obsessively watch the price of gas. It hasn't changed in quite a while actually. Hopefully it will stay that way.

Okay, well, I think that's it for now. I really must transcribe my crazy notes from Tuesday and tonight and it's already 10:45pm.

Have a good weekend all!!

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