Monday, November 19, 2007

Is it over yet?

I ask you all again, WHAT MADE ME THINK I COULD DO THIS?! I am totally freaking out. I wish I hadn't had to tell anyone about this G-D class. Turns out one of the two girls in my office didn't want to say anything either, but somehow it got out. They are all done and passed now they just have to set up a date to take their licensing exams. My final isn't until next week and I am DYING! I haven't been able to sleep or concentrate on much of anything, even studying. I tried going to the library a couple of times, but there was construction going on (can you believe that!) so it was noisier than being home. Okay, I'm just going to try and take a deep breath and relax. While I'm doing that, here is a picture of my girlfriend with her birthday gift.
Pretty neat, huh? He's supposed to be life sized but the cut out is 5'9" and he's actually 5'11" so they are liars and deceivers! (LOL)

And I promise, my Panera knitty friends, to post photos of a recent, totally awsome knitty birthday party and a couple of W.I.P's. But for now, this is all I got!

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uberstrickenfrau said...

Hi Angie! Hey- don't all men lie about their height??! Thanks for comin by my blog- I think that topic seems to really hit a nerve!And I read your past post tryin to figure out the class your freakin out about but I'm still in the dark , anyhow- I betcha you'll hit it with flyin colors! Got my fingers crossed for yah!