Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Hi, my name is Angela, and I am a LordoftheRingsaholic. (We're not even going to get into the Pottermania right now either). Much to the chagrin of many of those who know (and presumably love) me, I have secretly purchased my Christmas present to me. The Hobbit express is scheduled to deliver my gift on or around the 24th. Poor planning on my part as I did not want the parental units I co-habitate with to see it. I guess it really doesn't matter since my father once asked me, 'Do you have that Lord of the Rings movie?' and I just looked at him and said, 'First of all which movie of the three and which version, do you want to watch, the long one or the longer one?' Needless to say, he fell asleep watching the Two Towers and hasn't asked to watch them again.

All the movies are widescreen...of course. And my apologies again to Paige. I told her when I got the extended version, I would give her the theatrical version but couldn't bring myself to do it because the picture on the DVD was different and well...I am a LordoftheRingsaholic.

I got the soundtracks individually then I got a cool little box set that came with really neat picture cards in them which means I have 2 sets of regular soundtracks.

And just because the 'regular' versions of the soundtracks weren't enough, I had to get the 'extended' versions because, well, I am a lunatic. That and the fact that I couldn't ask for this stuff for Christmas or my birthday. They are slightly pricey and I'd hate for anyone but me to go through the expense. Now I can't wait for the last soundtrack to come in so I can put it on my IPod and my collection will be complete!! (OH - not pictured are the paperback and a beautiful hardcover book I have. I just thought that would be LOTR overload for some of you! OH and I have the ONE RING. I got that from my brother and soon to be sister in law for my 40th! )

And for something totally unrelated to LOTR - my brother and soon to be sister in law heard the baby's heartbeat for the first time last night! The doctor said it's a good strong heartbeat. Peanut is really kicking mommy's ass. Poor thing, her first trimester is almost over so hopefully she'll be feeling better soon.

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Paige said...

Babe I love you - you are off your rocker - but that only makes me love you more & PS you owe me a movie -lol - Paige