Sunday, November 4, 2007

Sunday's Saturday Evening Sky & 50 Days Till Christmas

The remnants of Hurricane Noel
This is my Saturday evening sky.
(Shamelessly stolen from Dave..the idea, not the photo)
It's beginning to look like Christmas!
According to the sign I saw, there are 50 shopping/crafting/knitting/stress out days till Christmas.
with that in mind, have a good week....


Dave Daniels said...

WHOA! That first photo is amazing! The misty surf, just to the right of the people, is incredible. Really, that is a wonderful capture.

Linda said...

Beautiful beach picture. Where was it taken? And thanks for the reminder that it's only 50 days til Christmas, and that I need to get busy knitting a baby sweater for one of my colleagues who is due in January. Aarghhh! Oh, and thanks for the kind comments on my blog. I haven't been blogging much since my mom died in April, so maybe this NaBloPoMo is what I need to get going again! =^..^=


Donna said...

50 days.... um, YIKES!!

The first photo is truly gorgeous.

(Oh, BTW, I found you through the randomizer on NaBloPoMo.)

donnac368 said...

Hey Ang, that website is
Love the surf shots - Rich wanted to hang ten but got stuck in the studio... I got stuck tonight at the "Care Center"...