Wednesday, February 13, 2008

February Snowstorm

We had a big snowstorm yesterday. My company very nicely let us go home at 4:30 because of reports of icy roads. I ran to CVS to buy Valentines Day Cards and to Joann's to pick up some yarn then braved the 10 minute drive home. It took some people 2-3 hrs to get home.
(Yes, I know Ms. Yarn Harlot that you've got more snow than you know what to do with but some of us haven't seen it in quite a while and actually miss it!)

This is what our street looked like at about 6pm.

This is what it looked like at 8:59am.
Bummer. I was hoping for a really good snow day in which to settle down with my knitting.
Oh well. I didn't have to clean off my car and winter isn't over yet. We may still get some yet.

Which brings me to summer. I woke up this morning just dreaming of camping. How funny is that? I'm already planning when I want to go and how we're going to work it all out and stuff. I want to go with Pooh and the kids. Hopefully we'll have good weather and hopefully they will have fun. I always do I just love it up there. In fact, I found a video on You Tube where a group of people went up to Rudd Pond last year. It's right over there -----> up top of my sidebar. It was exciting to watch. I knew exactly where they stopped and camped. I call it civilized camping since there are showers with hot and cold running water and it's mostly platform camping. There are a few ground sites, but I'm old and like the flat platform.

I'm still working on my various knitting projects and mom is a crocheting machine. If I could just work on the blanket I could probably have it done in no time. It's going rather quickly. I'm always amazed when I've finished a row.

Okay well, let me get back to work now before I get into trouble.

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