Sunday, June 8, 2008

How the ignorance of people astounds me....

Okay, so instead of going to Church today I went to the beach. When I came home my mother told me that the Church is finally on the verge of renting out the convent building that's been empty for a good year. They apparently are hoping to rent it to tenants who are going to turn the place into a school for autistic children. I almost cried with joy when I heard. However, my excitement and tears of joy were quickly turned to disbelieving tears of anger. Apparently someone, an ignorant somebody, who instead of researching autism was putting unsigned fliers with misinformation on the cars of people in the neighborhood. A parishioner sent a letter to Father R and said pretty much that this person was a coward and instead of contacting the church to discuss their concerns with him, they just decided to upset everyone instead. And true to his nature Father R doesn't want us calling this person a coward (I actually have a much more strong words for them). He just thinks he or she didn't know that the Church door is always open and all they had to do was open it and he would explain everything. I'm sorry, but I am not as forgiving. In this day and age it is so easy to research what any kind of disease is. What is this person afraid of? I don't understand. It's not like the children will be let out to run wild in the streets. They are not criminals, they are not druggies. They are innocent children with varying levels of a disability that 1 IN 150 children will be diagnosed with. There is no known, there is no cure. These kids and their families didn't ask for this. Many marriages break up due to the strain of it. I just don't get it. If you want to learn more about it, just go to:
I'm sorry, it's late, I'm tired, I am not coherent. Suffice it to say at this moment, I think this person is not a coward, but a moron. What he or she did is cowardly and underhanded. Why did they do this on the sly? Why didn't they come out in the open with their concerns? I am glad Father R is so forgiving because at this moment, I am not.


PJ said...

People can be cruel...when I lived in Valley Stream there was a group home for disabled young adults...the neighbors couldn't have been meaner...I grew up around mentally challenged kids, my mother was their teacher, and I was an aid. While living in V.S. we had a crazy dog, Cindy, who if she couldn't climb up and over the 6 foot fence, she dug her way under and out. I would frantically run all over the neighbor hood to find her...the group home people were the only ones who ever helped me find Cindy. They were my angles!
And my word of caution to mean small accident could leave you disabled and in need of some compasion, so learn to be kind!

donnac368 said...

Ignorance is no excuse for bad behavior. I hope the priest can enighten this person. What a tough road they hoe going through this world and not seeing.