Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Karen's FO

Karen, she of the Porch does not as of yet have a blog. I am a bad, bad friend and haven't yet helped her set one up. So until I do and she does, here's one of her FO's. Pretty damn cute, huh?!

I've been keeping busy myself. I've got the Hobbit shawl I'm working on that at the moment requires alot of quiet and concentration. I've split for the wings and decided to work them at the same time. I am sure that I'd be as confused as I am now if I'd decided to work them seperately...or that's what I like to say. I need peace and quiet to work on it. I'm also working on my Candle Flame scarf and a lace trinity stitch (or bramble stitch) scarf. I've also just gotten into bead weaving. I succesfully made one bracelet (which I gave away to one of my cousin's) and am working on two more. Yeah, I believe in keeping myself busy.

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donnac368 said...

I love Karen's hat! She is going to definately turn heads in the city wearing it! And also, I think I'm a worse friend to her because I was supposed to set that blog up for her a year ago!