Saturday, October 18, 2008


First off, I have an FO (finished object for you non-knitters). I started this in May, stopped for the summer months, then picked it up again. I wanted to wear it to Rhinebeck. I was up most of the night finishing it and in the morning, J cast off one wing while I was getting dressed then I finished the other. It was warm, I got lots of compliments and I love it!!

The drive up to Rhinebeck was wonderful. We got there in a couple of hours and this is what we saw:I knew from Franklin's blog and from Ravelry that he was going to be signing his book on Saturday. I admire him a lot, but I had no plans on meeting him. I figured there would be a mob and I felt a little weird about it. We happened to be wondering in the building he was in and when I saw him, I couldn't resist. My first purchase of the day was his book. The line wasn't too long so I hopped on and waited. The people around me were very friendly and while on line I bumped into one of my friends, K. The wait on the line went especially quickly because I spent most of it looking at what she had bought. Then I was at the front of the line and I met the man himself. I was a total bumbling ass. I shoved my ginormous yellow messenger bag that had one of his designs on it at him and said, 'Look, I brought Dolores!' He was very sweet and had a good laugh at it, he also liked my pin that said 'Swatch Me'. There was much confusion because I knew he had lots of people waiting to see him and he wasn't going to be there much longer so, I was rushing (not him). J & K pulled out their cameras and pretty much forced me to take a picture with him. This is me telling K to please hurry up!

Then he signed my book and offered his hand to me but I didn't realize it because I was being stupid. Then K yelled at me for not shaking his hand so I turned to him and apologized and shook his hand. He was just so sweet and gracious and it was one of the thrills of my day. Just before seeing him, I spotted HER, the one and only....YARN HARLOT. She was with a group of ladies and I didn't have the nerve to walk up to her. All I could do was excitedly tell J and walk away. Later on in the day we were walking blindly around and walked into one of the stalls to look at what was there. As I walked out I looked up and saw the guy behind the counter was Mel of the blog Cabezalana( I, of course was a complete and utter ass. I think he thinks I'm crazy, which at that point I was.
Other than the book, I bought theses:
And this (for my mommy):
We walked around some more:

I forgot how overwhelming it can all be. I bumped into two friends from my knitting group early in the day, then just walked blindly around. We left at around 5-ish, stopped in town for a cup of coffee then headed on back home. I had a very nice time but next year, I am going to get a room. I was so tired all I could think about was going somewhere warm to rest.


donnac368 said...

So you got goofy around the celebs too? Glad I wasn't the only one! Love the Shawl!!!!

Nancy said...

Hey girl,, at least you did that! I had Stephanies 2nd to last book, didnt go to the signing, sigh! I was on my own with no one to hold me back and there was still so much I didnt get to do. Ahh,, waiting for next year now!

PJ said...

where were ya? I kept hoping to bump into you! All the walking and fresh air left me pooped too!