Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Last but not least..

So the Peanut's Christening was on September 27. My brother A is his Godfather so was coming up from NC. He told us his wife and the boys couldn't come because she had to work and they had school. So I came home Friday knowing he had arrived much earlier in the day. I was looking forward to seeing him because I really missed him. I planned on hugging him and having a few rum & cokes with him. So, I pulled up to the house, and I changed out of my shoes into sandals, grabbed my bags, stopped to pet a dog that was pooing near my front lawn and walked into the house. I saw my brother laying on the sofa and I dropped most of my stuff and hugged him and said, 'Oh! I am so happy that my brother is here!" and from the back of the sofa, my sister in law, and the boys popped up and yelled, "And so are we!!" To say I was shocked is an understatement. I was teary and choked up just seeing my brother, I very nearly lost it when I saw them. They came as a surprise and boy what a surprise it was! It was just so nice having everyone together. Everyone just adores the Peanut. The boys can't get enough of him, especially D and my brother & his wife just love him too.
Four of my six favorite men.
D pretending he's Grandpa.
My two little men. I can't wait till Peanut can stand next to them.
It was hot as the sun in this Mickey D's. I swear, I almost swooned just sitting there.
I love the bright colors of this piece of graffiti.
This is one of the prettiest churches I've been in.

The proud Godparents with Peanut and Mommy & Daddy.Mommy, Peanut & Daddy.

Me and the Boys.

Our little house was busting at the seams. It was a busy weekend that ended too soon. I am looking forward to a repeat performance at Christmas time!

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donnac368 said...

Now those are great pictures! No knitting can top that!!!