Tuesday, October 7, 2008

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September 25th was the last ever Stitch and Pitch at Shea Stadium. A group of us were going to go but unfortunately the weather did not cooperate. Some (most, actually) people decided to stay behind and bask in the warmth that is Panera. I on the other hand left work a little early and took the train in.
The ride in wasn't so bad. I think I've only been to see a game at Shea Stadium once. I went to Yankee Stadium twice for concerts (U2 and Billy Joel). I was rushing to get in because it was almost time for the game to start. It was chilly and windy and there was a threat of rain.
This sight really took my breath away. I don't know why. I was just amazed by the largeness of it all. And the people were all so nice. Everyone seemed to be in a good mood. It made me sad to think it's all going to be torn down. This place has been here since I can remember.When I looked for my seat I bumped into a couple of friends of mine...did I mention it was cold, and windy? I also brought a project to work on. But it was my 'Hobbit' shawl. It's getting ginormous and I need to follow a pattern. I think I did one row and then put it away.

Here are a couple of other brave souls I bumped into.

I think that due to the weather the whole thing was a little disorganized. There was nobody directing us to our seats and due to the weather there were lots of empty seats so we were spread out.
Unfortunately is started to rain a little harder around the 7th inning. At this point, the score was tied, I was cold and a little tired. I left with my friends and by the time I got home the Mets had won the game at the bottom of the 9th.
It makes me sad to think this is going to be torn down and the new stadium is going to have some stupid name. Just like the Jones Beach Theatre is known as Nikon at Jones Beach and the Westbury Music Theatre is now Capital One Theater at Westbury. I think it's dumb. But that's me.Goobye Shea. It was nice knowing you.

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Gloria said...

I totally agree with you, I would do it again, but wish I had more info.
see, I didn't even get to meet any knitters, which is what I thought this was what it was all about!