Monday, February 7, 2011

Call me insecure

So, a few weeks ago I met He turned me off right away after, on our first phone call, he asked me a question and in the middle of my answer interupted me and brought the conversation back to himself. I was hesitant, but after many phone calls and text messages I met him. He was nice enough, but I had no interest in him whatsoever. I mean, I could not for the life of me see myself with him. Afterwards, he walked me to my car and asked if he could continue calling me. Like an ass I gave in and said yes. I said yes because didn't know how to say no to his face. So he started calling and texting me every day. I kept putting him off, not answering, hoping he'd get the hint. I began to dread the sound of my phone. Then it hit me....I've done that very same thing. I am sure of it. And that realization really upset me. That was also when I decided to just call this guy and tell him it just wasn't working. I felt badly, but I knew I wasn't being fair to him. It was obvious he was very much interested in me and I decided I didn't want to lead him on and give him false hope. Although I could hear the hurt in his voice, he took it well and I feel better about it. I can only hope that I am given the same consideration.

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DonnaC said...

Kudos to you for having the courage to do that. It was the best thing to do but I know for you it mus have been difficult. You are the type of person that doesn't ever want to hurt anyone but at the expense of your own feelings that is not good. Sounds like you are on a new journey.