Sunday, May 1, 2011


Ok, so let's recap. Two years ago at this exact time, I was miserable, working in a job I hated, waiting to hear on a new job opportunity. In September of that year I got the job I prayed for. I had 9 blissful, stress free months of happiness. In July of last year I was forced to switch positions with someone else, doing something I had no idea of how to do. (Just imagine this; you are a receptionist at your office. The accountant isn't doing their job well. Management decided that you should become the accountant, they become the receptionist...yeah, that's what happened to me). Now I sit here before you today, as stressed out as I was two years ago (and that stress built up over a period of, ohhh, 10-15 years) and trying to figure out what the hell am I supposed to do now. Please don't misunderstand me, I thank God every day that I have a job. The benefits are great, the people are great, the job is just really, really, stressful. At least it is to me. I am already planning on how I will do things differently next year. But getting through this last month or so is proving to be very difficult.

Ok, enough of that crap.  I had a very lovely day today.  My friends and I volunteered our time at the Sheep to Shawl Festival at the Kissem House Museum in Huntington.  It was a beautiful day of sitting out, showing some of our knitted stuff, knitting and socializing.  It was such a pleasant way to spend the day.  Here are a couple of pictures:

The Spinning Guild was there too:

These guys were really cool: 

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