Saturday, February 2, 2008

Third Annual Silent Poetry Reading.

You can read all about this here:

This is my contribution:

How happy is the blameless Vestal's lot?
The world forgetting, by the world forgot:
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind!
Each pray'r accepted, and each wish resign'd;
Labour and rest, that equal periods keep;
'Obedient slumbers that can wake and weep;
Desires compos'd, affections ever ev'n;
Tears that delight, and sighs that waft to heav'n;
Grace shines around her with serenest beams,
And whispering Angels propmpt her golden dreams.
For her th' unfading rose of Eden blooms,
And wings of Seraphs shed divine perfumes;
For her Spouse prepares the bridal ring
For her white virgins Hymenaeals sing,
To sounds of Heav'nly harps she dies away,
And melts in visions of eternal day.
'Eloisa to Abelard' - Alexander Pope.

Okay so, the first four lines of this poem were recited in one of my favorite movies which got its name from the third line. I can tell you exactly when it's recited too (the part where they see the elephants walking through Manhattan). It's just a snippet of a much longer poem. In the book I have, it's about 11 1/2 pages long! Originally I wanted to quote a poem written by Viggo Mortensen (as if I had to put his last name in). But I couldn't find the book that it is in and I don't know it by heart. When I finally find it, I will post it.

Some good news, a cousin of mine had her baby. A little boy. I'm not sure of his full name, but for short they will call him Cord. According to my mom, his full name means 'lamb'. I think that is so sweet. Now I'm trying to think of something cute to knit him with a little lamb on it.

In the morning, some of my KBFF's are going to get together at the un-Godly hour of 8am to go on a yarn crawl of sorts. Apparently Garden City Stitches is having some sort of Super Bowl Sunday yarn sale from 8am-4pm. The earlier you get there, the bigger the savings. We're meeting there, doing some damage and supplementing our stashes, going out for breakfast and hitting another yarn shop called Stitches. I have no idea where this other place is but I plan on going there. Unfortuantely after paying my bills this morning, I have exactly no dollars to spend on yarn and just enough for breakfast. I am just going along for the adventure. I don't really need any more yarn anyway. We're going to corrupt one of our fellow knitters who (gasp!) has no stash because (are you ready for this....) she works on ONE project at a time and doesn't work on anything else until she's finished with that ONE project. I know!! It's unheard of and shocking. I don't think I've ever met a knitter who doesn't have a stash throughout their house. I mean, even I have one. It's not that big, but it's pretty big for a person who essentially lives in one room. And this nonsense of working on one thing at one time?! I must have about 3 lace scarves, one Koolhaas hat, a baby sweater, a sock, and a Grabbit blanket all on the needles right now. The Koolhaas hat is actually almost done but the scarves will probably languish forever in the land of UFO's. Anyway, I am really looking forward to this. Unfortunately this means that it's Sunday and the day will go quickly as every weekend does and then I will have to face Monday (ugh!). But, I will try not to think of that now. I am working on getting out of the industry which I fell into. It's time for a change.

(PS: There is something wrong with my spell check. Since I tend to spell things as they sound this could be a problem.)

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Gloria said...

Thanks so much for listening to the podcast! Glad you like it!

I may have to check out that yarn sale today!